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In April, Yanghua took part in an exhibition for the first time;

In July, Yanghua Fenggang Factory laid a foundation;


In November, Yanghua Fenggang Factory started to establish its construction site;

From November to February 2006, the factory was under construction.



In April, Yanghua rented an office for development department in Great Wall Tower;

On July 11th, Yanghua factory was put into formal use;

In 2006, Yanghua’s PDVD/DVBT was initiated in the industry, and fashionable in Europe;

On July 11th, the factory was put into formal production, to produce TV/PDVD;

In November, Yanghua had its first travel (in the suburb of Shenzhen);




The factory became larger gradually, with the monthly output of 100,000 pieces;

Yanghua was mainly engaged in TV, PDVD and STB which had taken the dominant position in the European market;

Yanghua launched “10.1” three-in-one portable TV which was globally fashionable for the second time;

In July, Yanghua (Shenzhen) rented the office building -- Jiuzhou Building for 5 years, and was expanded to more than 100 employees;



Yanghua just recovering from the battery event had its PDVD business constantly increased;


After global financial crisis, Yanghua improved independently in the adverse situation;


Yanghua beat main competitors in the industry by launching T-701 PDVD, thus taking the lead in the world;



In December, Yanghua got a product transition, to enter the industry of tablet PCs;


Yanghua input tablet PCs and smart phones substantially;


In April, Yanghua tablet PCs started to enter European and American markets; 



In December 2013, Yanghua (Shenzhen) moved into the self-bought office building, achieving large-scale and high-level team and management;



In April, Yanghua had the monthly output of 200,000 tablet PCs, achieving the top-three export volume; its smart phones started to enter European and American markets;


The company founded Yanghua football team with high spirits and excellent football skills, which represented the teamwork spirit of “Concentrated, Hardworking, Struggling”;

In July, Yanghua obtained the title of “National High-tech Enterprise”, reaching the monthly output of 500,000 pieces in ten production lines of Dongguan Factory.


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